Waterproofing (in reference to building structures) is the treatment of a surface or structure to prevent the passage of water under hydrostatic pressure. We offer a wide variety of waterproofing services.



Deck Coating

  • -Decorative
  • -Pedestrian
  • -Vehicular

Water Repellents


Elastomeric Wall Coatings

  • -Silicone
  • -Acrylic

Below Grade Waterproofing

  • -Bentonite
  • -Hot Rubberized Asphalt Membrane
  • -Fluid Applied Membrane

Hot Fluid Applied Waterproofing

  • -Garden Roof System
  • -Plaza Roof System

Fluid/Self-Adhearing Waterproofing System

  • -ABBA (Air Barrier Association of America)
  • -Peel-and-Stick Membrane
  • -Thru-Wall Flashing
  • -Spray/Trowel/Roll Fluid Applied Membranes
  • -Complete Sheet Membrane Wall System
  • -Emulsion Damp Proofing

Commercial Waterproof/Aesthetic Coatings

  • -Clear Water repellents
  • -Elastomeric Wall Coatings
  • -Pedestrian Traffic Bearing Coatings
  • -Vehicular Traffic Bearing Coatings


  • -Batt Insulation
  • -Rigid Cavity Wall Insulation
  • -Spray Polyurethane Foam – Closed Cell

Building & Parking Garage Restoration

  • -Masonry Restoration
  • -Concrete Restoration
  • -Building Cleaning
  • -Expansion Joints
  • -Sealents

Joint Sealents

  • -Control Joints
  • -Wet Seal
  • -Site Work

Masonry Restoration

  • -Tuck-pointing
  • -Flashing repair/replacement
  • -Brick Replacement
  • -Spall Repairs
  • -Epoxy Injection

Expansion Joint Assembly


Concrete Cleaning

  • -Detergent (Acid/Cleaners)
  • -Pressure Washing
  • -Shot Blasting
  • -Sand Blasting
  • -Spray/Trowel/Roll Fluid Applied Membranes
  • -Complete Sheet Membrane Wall System


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