Project Name:  609 Main Street


Type of Work:  Garden Roof, Waterproofing & Sheet Metal

Value:  $2.85M 

Architect:  Kendall/Heaton Associates, Inc.

General Contractor:  D.E. Harvey Builders

Scope of Work:  

Garden roof with custom pavers on levels 12 & 13.  Guardian (Lock-Down) pavers with hot rubberized waterproofing on levels 49 & 50.  Vehicular Grade Traffic coating on 4th level parking garage over finished lobby.  Pedestrian Grade Traffic coating at various mechanical and equipment rooms.  Elastomeric flashing at interior mechanical rooms.  Inverted standing seam metal roof in tunnel between adjoining buildings.  Waterproofing at interior of rainwater collection tank.  Fluid-Applied Membrane waterproofing at lower level locations.  Self-adhered membrane waterproofing behind metal wall panels at level 49 & 50.  Waterproofing at water feature in lobby.

Project Description and Challenges:

Working on a 50-story high rise project, trying to obtain a realistic but highly optimistic schedule requires full-time supervision and dedicated crews due to work taking place at so many locations throughout the project.  Providing enough manpower to meet the schedule and working with so many products that will be final finish products that need to be aesthetically appearing has been a challenge.


Products Used:  American HydrotechGarden Roof, Hanover – Pedestals, Neogard – Traffic Coating, Carlisle – EPDM Flexible Flashing, Gaco Western – Water Collection Tank, Berridge – Standing Seam Metal Roof

Project Name:  Texas A&M University – College Station, TX

                   Memorial Student Center


Type of job:  Spray Applied Polyurethane Foam Roofing System

Project Size:  175,000 sq. ft.

Challenges:  Several expansion projects over the last 60-years created quite a challenge of tying all the different sections, levels and different types of construction together and maintaining a watertight, energy efficient facility, for all that were involved.  A timeline to get this project in a watertight condition was critical to the project to maintain an on-time completion schedule.

Project Description:  The project was a complete renovation and expansion project which would require all of the different applications and roofing methods of spray applied polyurethane foam, on one roofing project.  There were sections of the roof that also required total retrofit of the existing foam system and then there were sections that only required a repair and recoat of the existing foam roof system.  Skylights and restaurants were added to the student center which required refrigeration and HVAN systems to be installed.  Having a spray polyurethane foam roof made the installation of these systems simple.  Combining the old and new was easy to do because of the seamless application of spay foam.

Products Used:  BASF Elastospray 81305 3 lb. foam & Elastocoat S-5000 Silicone Coating.

Benefits of Using Foam:  Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) was chosen for this project because it combines high R-value closed-cell insulation with superior air leakage control performance to deliver maximum efficiency that was requirement for this facility.  As water tightness and insulation value were the main project focal points of the expansion project, SPF was the clear choice.

Project Name:  Woodlands Marriot Waterway

Type:  Restoration Project: expansion joints, control joints, wet glazing, pressure washing and coating

Location: 1601 Lake Robbins Drive, The Woodlands, TX 77380

Project Size/Scope: 5 Month project



 Project Description and Challenges:  Scheduling with Management to make sure the hotel patrons were not affected by the construction. Daily coordination and communication help with the process of doing certain elevations at a time. Some work areas required for the workers to use a sky genie chair to access and complete the project.


Products Used:  Dow Corning 795 and BASF 750 EL

Project Name:  Sam Moon Metro Park


Type of Work: Waterproofing, Sheet Metal and Joint Sealants

Value:  $450K

Location: Shenandoah, Texas


Scope of Work:  Sam Moon Metro Park is a five (5) buildings near the Woodlands area. Waterproofing membrane consisted of UV Rated fluid applied membrane behind Stone and Wood Veneer. Sheet Metal flashing and trim at through wall, store front, and dissimilar transition locations.

Silicone joint system applied onto dissimilar materials at building veneer. Two component urethane joint system at landscape paving. Expansion joint cover system from existing buildings to new buildings allowing movement of the buildings. Water Repellent applied at stone veneer.



Products Used:  WR Meadows- AirShield LMP (Black), AirShield | Dow Corning- 795 | Sika- Sikaflex 2C-NS | MM Systems- FX-L-2, SCE-400 | BASF- H400 |